College Application Tracker

College Applications...

...and how stressful they can be!

I remember how stressful and nerve-racking the college search and application process was, and how easy it was to lose track of where I was in the application for each school. With the recent addition of the Common Application, it's all a bit more streamlined, but collateral items still remain a more difficult task to organize.

The College Applications Tracker is meant to be your one-stop-shop for tracking all your college-related applications and To-Do tasks. This workbook includes not only school applications, but also the school’s responses, financial aid, and scholarships.

This Course Includes:

The College and Scholarship Application Tracker includes:

1. One page per school with all the information required to complete an application.
2. One page to track college and scholarship responses.
3. One page to track scholarship applications.

Besides the downloadable file, this course includes a bonus EBook, College Bucket List checklist, and access to an evergrowing database of scholarships you can apply for.

Bonus Material


EBook and Checklist

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An EBook covering the top criteria to help you choose a university and a College Bucket List checklist to make the most of your undergraduate years.


Top Scholarships

A collection of thousands of scholarships to apply for, organized by due date and special interest groups.


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