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The Horrible Truth about Migraines

The World Health Organization reports that “Headache disorders, including a migraine and tension-type headache, are among the most prevalent disorders of mankind.” Ranging from once per year to once per week, headaches and migraines have the ability to wreak havoc in a person’s life, for children as well as adults.

Being diagnosed with a chronic migraine myself, I have decided to share the worksheets I use personally with all of you. These can help you not only understand your triggers and therefore take control of your migraine situation, but also help your Migraine specialist better understand what steps you should take in terms of treatments and medications.

This Course Includes:

The Downloadable Migraine Tracker includes:

1. One page to track your medications, side effects, dosage, etc
2. One page to track your year-long process, symptomology, and pain levels
3. One page to track in-depth detail for each migraine episode, including triggers, productivity, etc.

Besides the downloadable file, this course includes a sample page on how to use the workbook as well as other online resources to help you overcome your Migraines.


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Take Control of your Migraines

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