Are you constantly in power struggles with your kiddo over the simplest of requests? Do you live your life like a knight from the round table, facing fire-breathing dragons in battles over simple tasks like eating more vegetables, doing homework, or cleaning a room?

If you’re anything like the parents I’ve worked with, you probably feel like you’ve tried it all!

  • You’ve spoken to their pediatrician, 
  • School counselor,
  • Your parents,
  • Friends,
  • Parents at mommy and me or the park,
  • Even the stranger at the grocery store who witnessed a power struggle (ok so that advice might not have been requested....)

You're a good parent! You certainly mean well! So why does your little one make everything so difficult?!

You just know that getting those positive behaviors under control will open the doors to so many benefits in our kid’s lives:

  • Their health,
  • Safety,
  • Academics,
  • And even social lives.

The benefits of increasing positive behavior will be felt across every aspect of their lives.

If only they would let you!

I bet you live a life of stress and uncertainty, not knowing whether they’ll be in the mood to cooperate with you today or not. Dreading getting home after the workday and having to face a battle about dinner or homework. And it shouldn’t have to be that way. The truth of the matter is that it’s not just about improving their lives, but about improving yours as well. 

So you take a breath and bring it up to your child's pediatrician.

And now they're rambling on and on. About Autism or ASD or Asperger's or ABA or behavior analysis.

Or, perhaps worse, they casually mention ABA in passing and don't go into any details at all.

So now you're left with all these questions.

What is Autism? How's it different from Asperger's?

Does my child have it?

Is it curable?

What is ABA and why is it also called behavior therapy?

What does this mean for Junior?

What does this mean for our family?

I can only imagine that right about now, you're regretting even bringing it up and opening this Pandora's box.

Trust me, I feel your pain!

Not as a parent, to be completely honest with you. However, I have worked with and helped dozens of patients and their families navigate this significant change in their lives smoothly and optimistically. And I've seen that, whether the patient is a toddler, teen, or grown adult entering behavior therapy, the family's concerns are usually all the same!

Through the years I’ve worked intimately with amazing families to develop in-depth positive behavior strategies to set their children up for unprecedented success in their homes and at school. I’ve also worked with dozens of children to develop academically-related behavioral skills such as time management, goal and priority setting, and best practice for studying based on their particular needs.

Introducing My Kiddo is Starting ABA... Now What?!

After seeing how large of a need there is for behavioral help for parents, (not only of special needs children, but all parents) and realizing I couldn’t possibly take every family on as a client, the idea to create My Kiddo is Starting ABA... Now What?! came to me. I wanted to be able to offer parents the means by which they could have their questions  answered, and the confidence to work with their child’s behavior team.  

I found that I wanted to bring my knowledge and unique insights into as many homes as possible. Which is why, even though I did earn my board certification to work one-on-one in a clinical setting, I did not maintain my certification.

Working in the clinic is not my calling. I enjoy writing books and creating courses like this one so that anyone that needs my help can have it! No need to petition your insurance, or sit on a waiting list. Just sign on up and learn everything I have to teach you.

From your couch.

In your sweats.

With a glass of wine in your hand.

Sounds nice, doesn't it?

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Module 1. What is Autism?

Module 2. How is Autism different from Asperger's?

Module 3. Is it curable?

Module 4. What the heck is ABA anyway? And why is it sometimes called behavior therapy?

Module 5. Why are there so many people involved?!

Module 6. Doesn't ABA churn out little robots? I want my kid to keep his personality!

Module 7. Do I have to be present for sessions?

Module 8. What are sessions typically like?

Module 9. How long do sessions go? Their whole life?

Module 10. My ABA place has a clinic and I know some kids who have sessions in the school. Why do mine have to be at home?

Module 11. How can I best advocate for my child's needs at their school?

Module 12. How can I best help my child make the most of their ABA therapy?

Module 13. I worry about my child's future when I'm no longer here. What sort of options are there for special needs adult housing?

Module 14. Will my kiddo be more normal after ABA?

Module 15. What does this mean for Junior?

Module 16. What does this mean for our family?

Module 17.

This module will be our wrap-up. You'll get to:

  • fill out a feedback survey with suggestions for future improvements

About Your Instructor


Stephanie Ortega

Stephanie has been working with children on an academic level since 2005, and on a behavioral level since 2013. Through her work as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst in both Florida and California, she has helped parents manage the behavior of their children with Autism, ADHD, social delays and learning disabilities, as well as typically developing children.She continues to tutor to this day and while she no longer works with children in a behavioral capacity, she continues to develop her behavior modification skills through her work with adults. She is now working with adults with severe problems such as verbal and physical aggression, self-injury, and severe learning and developmental delays.


Don’t wait another minute to live the family life you dream of! The path to a healthier and happier relationship with your kiddo takes dedication and time, but the sooner you put your mind to it, the easier it will be because it will mean fewer battles in your relationship to put behind you.

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Because the truth is that, while getting your kiddo to do what you say might seem like magic reserved for teachers (or the home’s authority figure) you would be amazed at how easy it can be if you follow the right steps and get the right guidance sooner rather than later! 

If you don’t get started with science-backed methods for improving your child’s behavior, you are doing your kiddo, yourself, and your relationship a huge disservice.

My hope is that your participation in this course will not only help guide your child's behavior in a safe, healthy, beneficial and positive direction, but will also lead to much happier, stress-free days in your home, with fewer tantrums and power struggles.

I hope you'll allow me to help you on this journey, providing all my expertise and resources for you and your gorgeous family.